Welcome to Club Salad

An Exclusive Web 3.0 Community

Our Mission

Club Salad is an initiative by Salad Ventures to build an IRL (in real life) community of Web 3.0 Builders & Enthusiasts. While technology is constantly evolving, and boundaries to connect have been broken down, nothing beats a face-to-face meet-up with other likeminded projects and individuals

Meet with, connect and collaborate with top projects and innovators in the space.

Our Events

Here are some of the series of organised & co-organised events, for different occasions and purposes!


Web 3.0 IRL Networking

Salad Tuesdays started as a casual meet-up for our friends in Web 3.0 to hang out, share alpha, and have drinks. 

After 10+ successful sessions of Salad Tuesdays SG, we’ve had over 1,000 different attendees from 100s of projects in attendance.

We’ve also held sessions in Vietnam (Hanoi & HCM), and are looking forward to other opportunities overseas!


Pre/Post Conference Party

Everyone loves a good party, and Afterhours is just that! 

With a large number of conferences being organised, Club Salad has decided to leverage off the opportunity of the international crowd flying in locally.

Our first event will be held pre-Token 2049 Singapore, on 27th September 2022 with 300 exclusive participants invited.


Physical/Hybrid Conferences

(More… coming soon!)

Our first attempt at a conference was GameFi Asia Singapore – 2022, a 4 day hybrid event consisting of a virtual conference as well as a physical exhibition centre in Singapore.

With an exclusive VIP industry networking night to close things off, we had over a thousand attendees physically, as well as over 5,000 attendees virtually despite the Covid restrictions.


Whether as an attendee, co-organiser, partner or sponsor, there are always opportunities and benefits to attend a Club Salad event!


Optional booze and great food to enjoy while you meet new people, projects and possibly new opportunities!

Speaking & Sharing Opportunities

Have the opportunity to speak, and share more about your Project to our large list of curated attendees!

Branding & Reach

Rapidly growing community that gets bigger & better with each session. With over 1,000+ attendees to our physical events from hundreds of different Projects, co-organising, sponsoring or partnering with us will definitely put your brand out there, and put you in the spotlight!

The Salad team took time to survey my networking KPIs and introduce to parties that might be of relevance.

– J, MD @ Eyeball Games

“There’s always something new to learn at each conversation I jump to, as the crowd will often consist of people with opinions!”

– P. Soh, Managing Partner @ Capital Sigma

Previous Attendees from:

and more...

Previous Attendees from..

and more...


Salad Ventures is a blockchain venture builder based in Singapore that sources and catalyses ventures focused on the burgeoning X-To-Earn space. Salad Tuesdays was conceived to bring the best people in Web3 into one place.


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